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  • Jackie Gleave

Roslin Glen

Updated: Feb 27, 2023


Location: Roslin, Edinburgh

Date: 1 / 1 / 23

Length: 2 -3 Hours

Level: Easy


Begin the walk from the car park in the direction of the chapel’s visitor centre. Before you get there, take the first right down the lane, where you will pass the chapel graveyards. Where the path forks, ignore the path to the left. Follow the signs for Roslin Glen gunpowder mill. Keep following this route, which becomes a stepped path, until you reach a road.

At this point keep left and descend the long flight of steps. From there the path will level off. When you have passed the sewage works bear right and you will reach another road. Turn right and follow it for about 200 metres, until you reach the gunpowder mill gate posts for Roslin Glen. Pass through them.

Follow the path towards the remains of the gunpowder mills. Then, after passing them, go up the steps and cross the bridge of the river, before heading still further upwards, following signs for the Penicuik and Dalkeith walkway. When you meet the line of the old railway head left along it, before walking under a bridge and past former Rosslyn Castle station. Keep walking along the old platform as you go under another bridge, then take a left to come out onto the road. Follow the road until it meets the B7003, cross it and turn left.


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