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Braid Hills Viewpoint

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Location: Mortonhall, Frogston road

Date: 11 April 2024

Length: 4 miles

Level: Easy

Fave Coffee: Stable Bar


This is a great walk which can be as long or as short as you like, following the course of farmers’ fields, woods, golf courses, and hills along the way with the ultimate goal of reaching the Trig point of the Braid Hills, one of Edinburgh's 7 hills.

Starting off at the overflow car park to the back of Mortonhall Garden Centre, head towards the woods


...following these woods until you reach an array of farmers fields. Bear left so as to skirt around the fields clockwise...

... until you reach another area of woodland. This is my favourite bit of woodland....

je ne sais pas pourquoi mais j'ai l'impression d'être en France!

Glance over your right shoulder for an amazing panoramic view of the

Pentland Hills in the distance.


You’ll have a choice here to continue in a clockwise direction back through the woods towards the Garden Centre which will complete a cute 40 minute stroll, or you can extend your walk towards the Braid Hills golf course and the peak of the Braid Hills before returning in a loop back towards the Garden Centre which will take around 1-3 hours. This of course depends on the delicious-ness of the picnic you have brought with you and the stops you wish to make along the way.

If you decide to take the shorter route, on your route back you’ll reach the lovely

Estate of Mortonhall with many charming little walks within - seek out the Ha-ha, the Icehouse, the Arboretum..

From there, you’ll literally stumble across the Stable bar set in a gorgeous cobbled courtyard (tables outside if you’re feeling optimistic!) and just what you’ll need to recharge your batteries! And it’s dog friendly.


To extend your route, on reaching the woodland, as mentioned earlier, bear left and continue through the woods with Mortonhall golf course on your right. After a mile or so, you’ll come to the end of the track, and an old army looking



Sneak past the back of the hut and scramble up to the golf trolley path.


Turn right and follow the path heading towards the communication mast

communication mast looking foreboding

which will eventually lead you up to the Trig point on the top of Braid Hills.

Mr Harris showcasing the view over to Arthurs Seat and the Crags


The Braid Hills is one of Edinburgh’s Seven Hills and is the best of the hills from which to view the other six hills and to plot your next walk!


Head East, and downhill, through the gorse, keeping to the edge of the golf course. Mind out for any stray golf balls!

hey, come back cheeky rascal

dancing dog


To the right of the golf course there is a track which follows a stone wall, and past this puddle


Keep going to the end of the track and cross over the minor road into a field following an animal track till you reach the Greyhound rehoming centre . From the outside it looks like something out of the Wild West, but don't be deterred..

You may notice the remains of underground bunkers in the field where horses are currently grazing, and the pre-fab buildings of the Greyhound centre are a reminder of old Ministry of Defence territory. An old brick sentry box now looks out of place but is another remnant of days gone by.


Follow this minor road until you pass Seven Acres Park.

At the end of this minor road, turn right and follow the signs to the caravan park, and also the Stable bar for a welcome refreshment. If you are dog-free, you also have the choice of refreshments at the Garden centre! On saying that, in the summer you can sit at the tables outside if you have your dog... bear in mind though that this is pretty tricky if you are 'one man and his dog' as you are not allowed to take your dog in to order!


Entrance to Stable bar and courtyard. Doesn't coffee taste more delicious al fresco??

weary doggy - thanks mum, great walk!


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